Joyce Marter: Creating A Financial Mindset

Does prosperity lead to happiness or is it the other way around? The way we view money can either make us live in fear of never having enough, or it

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Winter Nights and Good Books

How are your new year resolutions taking shape? Photographer and Oprah brand ambassador Amy Boyle has added mental fitness to her plan, including Joyce Marter’s book The Financial Mindset Fix

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Financial Health with Joyce Marter

Listen to the latest podcast from LifeBlood, where we talk about improving your financial health, how mental health is linked to financial success, how to get on the same page

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Why Consumers Don’t Think BNPL Is ‘Debt’ (and Why That Matters)

In a column titled, “Beware of the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Psychological Pitfall,” psychotherapist and mental health author Joyce Marter wrote of the booming numbers. “Psychologically, the four payments make

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Mental Wealth: How to Leverage Psychology to Welcome Abundance

In Joyce’s latest workshop you will learn how to: Change your psychology of money (thoughts, emotions, and behaviors) to welcome greater prosperity Identify your money script and belief systems that

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