Love Never Dies: How to Connect with Loved Ones Who Have Passed

The grief of the loss of my parents is a sadness that episodically overcomes my heart.  During the year after my mother passed, I experienced profound, complicated grief. I found it extremely difficult to work, to socialize, and even sometimes to complete acts of daily living.

I recall during this time of intense grief, I discovered that connecting with nature soothed my soul and brought me some inner peace. One day, during a walk in the woods, I asked my mother to give me a sign that she was with me and loved me. Almost immediately, I saw a heart-shaped rock on the path before me. I knew in my heart that this was a gift from my mom.

Since then, I collect heart-shaped rocks and keep them in my garden. Recently at the beach, when missing my mother, I saw many. When the longing for a hug, to see her face, to touch her hand or to sit and have dinner or a conversation with my parents feels unbearable, I give thanks for all the blessings they brought to my life, remember that they are with me, and ask for support through our spiritual connection.  It is at these times that I will often see a heart-shaped rock, a cardinal or hear a song or a phrase that reminds me of my parents. These messages bring me peace, comfort, and solace.

Our loved ones are not gone. They walk beside us and continue to love and support us, in ways we can not possibly understand.

We must trust this and learn to connect with them through the spiritual realm through meditation, prayer, and intuition. Even though they are not with us in physical form, they are with us in spiritual essence, providing us with perhaps more unconditional love and support than they could provide during their life on earth.  Ask for support and trust that love never dies.

Grief Affirmation: 

“Thank you for all the blessings you have given me and all that I have learned from you. I trust that you continue to shine light and love into my life and that our love is forever.” 

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