InTouch Weekly: Joyce Marter Details 12 Different Mindsets to Improve Mental and Financial Wealth in New Book

A must-read! Licensed clinical professional counselor Joyce Marter has created a way to help those in a rut or just looking to stay on the right track, both financially and mentally. In The Financial Mindset Fix: A Mental Fitness Program for an Abundant Life, Marter shares 12 different mindsets that, if applied, can help improve mental and financial wealth.

“The most you get is what you ask for. We have to value our worth and move through unnecessary guilt as we remember when we have more, we can give more,” the Northwestern University alum writes in her book. “By working the Financial Mindset Fix program, you are watering your seeds and welcoming in the light to branch out and blossom into the fullest and most magnificent expression of yourself. Achieving abundance allows you to spread more seeds of prosperity that will grow into a vast orchard, providing abundance for generations to come.”

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