Family Focus Blog: How To Talk To Your Spouse About Money Without Fighting

It’s all about the money! Well, not really but you also can’t deny that having your monetary affairs in order makes everything a whole lot easier. That includes relationships. In fact, according to Ramsey, “Money is the number one issue married couples fight about, and it’s the second leading cause of divorce, behind infidelity.” If you are in a relationship, you probably have already felt the tension that can take hold when a money discussion comes up. People can have such varying points of view on finances and what it is OK to spend how much on. That is why I am very happy to have an expert share some tips with us today on how to talk to your spouse about money without fighting.

I recently read a great book by Joyce Marter called THE FINANCIAL MINDSET FIX (Sounds True, July 27, 2021) and I really enjoyed her writing style. Financial matters can overwhelming and they can also be stuffy and hard to grasp. Not so with Joyce Marter’s book! She is a therapist, entrepreneur, adjunct professor at Northwestern University, and national speaker. I believe it her therapist credentials that makes her writing so easy to understand. She knows how to explain concepts and she knows how to peel away the layers of programing and emotions that we all attach to money. She does an amazing job in her book presenting effective practices for success, and 12 mindset shifts, to transform one’s relationship with wealth. This book also has a ton of worksheets to help people understand your spending habits.

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