GOBankingRates: How To Handle Tricky Matters That Come Up When Kids Ask You for Charity Donations

Joyce Marter, a licensed psychotherapist and author of The Financial Mindset Fix: A Mental Fitness Program for an Abundant Life, recommended preparing a short and sweet response to have on hand for these situations, so you aren’t caught off guard. “Avoid long-winded excuses that can inadvertently cause a window for you to feel pressured to give — i.e. ‘Oh, that was for a different organization, so maybe you could also donate through me.’ — or cause the child more feelings of rejection — such as saying you only support kids you know.” She suggested using a compliment sandwich — i.e., compliment, rejection, compliment — to soften your ‘no’ response. For example, she said you might say, “That’s fantastic that you are raising money for your school. I’m so sorry, but I’m not able to [give] at this time. I wish you the best of luck! I’m sure you’ll do great.”

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