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The Business Power Hour: Business Power Hour with Joyce Marter

Twice a week, host Deb Krier talks with experts in a variety of business fields, as they share the latest trends, up and coming changes as well as best practices. She sat down with Joyce to discuss the connection between self-worth and net worth, psychology of money, and mental health in the workplace.

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Firstly: Can Money Buy You Happiness? (Science Says Yes)

We have so much practice making decisions about what we want, you’d think we’d know exactly how to optimize our joy when it comes to spending (and saving) our money. Truth is, we don’t. Psychotherapist Joyce Marter, author of “The Financial Mindset Fix,” says our belief systems about money — Is money good or bad? ...

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LifeBlood Podcast: Book Club featuring Joyce Marter (AUDIO)

Outlet: LifeBlood Podcast On this edition of the Book Club, Joyce Marter, LCPC, Pioneering Psychotherapist and mental health thought leader talks about her book The Financial Mindset Fix: A Mental Fitness Program for an Abundant Life. Listen to the podcast here.

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Bench Builders Business Coaching: Cultivating the Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur with Joyce Marter

Outlet: Bench Builders Business Coaching In this episode, Mike speaks with Joyce Marter about the psychology of success. Joyce explains how our beliefs about money shape our business and financial success— in both positive and detrimental ways. She also describes her experiences as a founder of a fast-growing company and as a woman in business and ...

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South Florida Reporter: How To Get Your Life Back By Living Well And Spending Less

Outlet: South Florida Reporter Regardless of your income, you can become financially independent. For starters, adopting a positive mindset can pave the path to financial independence. I’ll show you how to live the lifestyle you deserve without breaking the bank. What’s the secret to spending less and living well? Would you be surprised to learn that ...

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4 Tips to Cope with Debt Depression

“Debt depression is not a formal clinical diagnosis. Rather, it is a term used to describe depressive symptoms brought on by the emotional stress of debt,” explains Joyce Marter, a licensed psychotherapist and author of The Financial Mindset Fix: A Mental Fitness Program for an Abundant Life. Marter says that many of the negative thoughts ...

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Naomi Osaka - Marter - Blog

Tennis star Naomi Osaka sparks an important conversation about Mental Health

Naomi Osaka is number two in the world of women’s tennis. This past week she became famous for something else though, being vulnerable. She announced she would not participate in post match interviews at the French Open, a major tennis tournament, as they cause her too much anxiety.  Officials of the French Open fined her ...

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Podcast The Business Society Podcast - Marter - Blog

Emotional Fitness and Money Mindset

Building wealth requires more than money— It’s also about psychology and mindset shifts. In this episode of The Business Society Podcast, hosted by Melissa Houston CPA, you’ll learn more about how our belief systems and self-worth are deeply tied to our financial worth, how to shift common mindset issues, and much more. Listen here.

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High-Functioning Depression Isn’t Always Easy to Identify, So Here Are the Top Signs to Watch Out For (and What to Do)

Depression looks and feels different to everyone. Knowing how to identify common signs and symptoms of high-functioning depression can help you navigate relationships with loved ones— and take better care of yourself. Read more here.

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You Don’t Need a “Big” Reason to Start Therapy — Here’s Why

It doesn’t always take a major life event to find that you’re needing to start therapy. Sometimes we just don’t feel right, even if we’re fulfilled and things are generally going well. And that is a perfectly valid reason to seek out a therapist. Read more on this topic in Healthline.

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