Love Never Dies: How to Connect with Loved Ones Who Have Passed

The grief of the loss of my parents is a sadness that episodically overcomes my heart.  During the year after my mother passed, I experienced profound, complicated grief. I found

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Psych Central Blog: 5 Tips For Dealing With Grief

This article was published on Joyce’s PsychCentral blog, The Psychology of Success. Whether you lost a loved one to sickness, tragedy , divorce or even a significant break-up, loss is a trauma.

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Blog: Digital Infidelity: Social Media & Relationships

According to the Washington Post, Facebook is cited in more than one-third of all divorce cases! The number-one reason why Facebook was at fault in these cases was due to “inappropriate

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Blog: Joyce Marter Reveals Her Top 10 Tips For A Better Sex Life

“A client once said to me, ‘I’m nervous to talk with my wife about my sexual needs, because you are the only person who knows that part of my life.’ This

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Psych Central Blog: Are You In A Toxic Relationship? Learn How To Assess And Confront Them!

“We have all had toxic relationships. They may have been with friends, family members, partners, neighbors, colleagues or bosses.  These are relationships that deplete you of your energy, infuse you

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Psych Central Blog: How To Survive The Roller Coaster of Divorce

“The process of divorce is like riding an insane roller coaster. Relationship issues build up until you are on top of an enormous mountain of stress and fearful for your

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