Helping Children Cope in a COVID-19 World

This is a scary time for all of us — a global pandemic is uncharted territory. Yes, the COVID-19 virus has taken an emotional toll on everyone, but it weighs

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PsychCentral Blog: How to Encourage Critical Thinking in Kids

In an age when most kids are glued to their phones and their primary mode of communication is Snapchat, it’s a concern for many parents as far as to how

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Psych Central Blog: 5 Ways To Be A Less Anxious Parent

This article was published on Joyce’s PsychCentral blog, The Psychology of Success. As a therapist who has counseled parents for 20 years and as a mother of two daughters (ages

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Blog: Promoting Safety & Wellness In Kids’ Use Of Technology

by Joyce Marter, LCPC In this time of rapidly developing technology, it’s challenging for parents to stay current and informed about how to help their children have a positive experience

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Blog: Get a Handle on Your Mama Drama

Mama Drama. It’s a label that quickly describes the growing number of mothers who engage other mothers to resolve the social dilemmas of their children. This does not apply in

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Urban Balance Blog: Perinatal Issues: What You Might Not Expect When You are Expecting

By Joyce Marter, LCPC What is PPD? Postpartum Depression, also known as PPD, is a persistent low mood or anxious state that lasts 2 weeks or more and significantly impairs

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