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What to Do If You’re More Frugal Than Your Spouse

I, on the other hand, love saving money. Ever since I was young my parents taught me how to use coupons, wait for sale items or negotiate a better price.

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Got Someone Who Borrowed Money, Hasn’t Paid It Back and Is Asking For More? Here’s How To Handle That

“It’s important to say no, not only for your own mental and financial wellbeing, but also for the sake of the relationship and the other person’s needed growth and development,”

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When Someone Is Having a Panic Attack, It Can Be Hard to Know How to Help—Start With These 10 Phrases

“I’m here for you. Tell me what you need.” This statement lets the person know you care and will be there for them. “Rather than assuming what they might want

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20+ Signs of Emotionally Immature Parents

The phrase “emotionally immature parent” is used to describe parents who are unable or unwilling to support their children emotionally. These parents can be controlling, demanding, and unreliable. They may

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What Are the Types of Endorphins? And Other Facts About These Feel-Good Chemicals

But what about when doubt creeps in? Psychotherapist Joyce Marter, LCPC, author of The Financial Mindset Fix: A Mental Fitness Program for an Abundant Life, says questioning whether you’re doing

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