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How Debt and Financial Stress Affects Your Mental Health and Ways to Cope

What is the most dangerous mental health side effect of debt? Accruing debt can decrease self-esteem and increase stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship conflict and even lead to suicidal thoughts and feelings. Many

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5 Best FREE Online Workouts—No Matter What Type of Exercise You Prefer

Yoga with Adriene wins high marks from a number of sources, and The New York Times recently called Adriene “the reigning queen of pandemic yoga.” Psychotherapist Joyce Marter is a big fan: “As a psychotherapist

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4 Strategies to Deal with Money Stress

Many of us are easily stressed by finances. But it doesn’t have to be that way! This article identifies four tips to help you regain control of your money —

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How to Leave a Financially Dependent Relationship

Leaving a financially dependent relationship may be intimidating, but there are resources available to you. Develop a plan and a budget, start job searching, and build an exit strategy. This

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Creating Healthy Mother-Daughter Relationships

Cultivating the mother-daughter relationship can take time, and isn’t always easy. But with love and the right tools, these relationships can flourish. Read more about what one mother-daughter duo is

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