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What’s your money story?

On this episode, Dr. Will and I chat about my work and how our relationship with money informs our financial decisions. Read the full article here.

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4 Ways Pregnancy Journaling Can Help You

Pregnancy journals can be kept for yourself as a private sounding board, a vehicle for you to process your thoughts and feelings. This allows you to keep the narrative honest

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How to stop quiet quitting

Quiet quitting is a rising trend where employees stay on the job but skate through by doing only the bare minimum required. To some, this might sound like employees are

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The 20 Best Pregnancy Journals of 2023

Deciding to keep a pregnancy journal is entirely a personal decision. There are many positives, but expectant mothers already have a lot on their plate, so only choose to keep

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How to Talk About Money With Your Partner: 10 Tips From a Therapist

‘Learning how to talk about finances with your partner is a critical aspect of protecting your relationship. It’s important to become aware of your own psychology of money and understand

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