Jason Marotzke

National Speaker, Educator, & Leader in the Counseling Profession

Jason Marotzke

National Speaker, Educator, & Leader in the Counseling Profession

Jason Marotzke and Joyce Marter
Jason Marotzke, M.Ed. and Joyce Marter, LCPC are husband and wife and met lobbying on Capitol Hill with hundreds of counseling leaders from across the country through the American Counseling Association — encouraging our representatives to support bills for mental health, school counseling, and more services for children, the poor, elderly and Veterans, as they have both done for years. Jason and Joyce are a mission-driven power couple who work together and share a passion for education, advocacy and providing practical tools to help people heal, recover, thrive and prosper together.


A Gifted, Talented, and Interactive Speaker, Jason Marotzke, M.Ed.

Jason Marotzke is a seasoned presenter for children, teens and adults on a variety of topics related to counseling and wellness, including the use of improv in team building, resilience, parenting, mental health awareness, communication and conflict resolution, LGBTQIA+ awareness and inclusivity, and the creation of open and collaborative work environments.

He uses humor, language, and examples that are appropriate for this age group, which increases engagement. Jason recently wrapped up a training series for the City of Evanston to rave reviews.

A consultant and affiliate faculty member at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, Jason teaches ethics and supervises masters-level therapists-in-training. He is a Nationally Certified Human Rights Campaign Welcoming School Facilitator and active leader in state, regional and national counseling association boards, currently serving on the American Counseling Association’s Governing Council as the Midwest Region Representative. Some of his specialties include:

  • Anti-harassment Topics in Workplace Training
  • Neurodivergence Training
  • Presentations on Culture and Race as Jason is a Member of White Men for Racial Justice and a Social and Racial Justice Advocate. 

Presentation Formats Include

Keynote Addresses

Breakout Sessions



Fundraiser Talks


Panel Discussions

Continuing Education

(NBCC CEs available)


Jason Marotzke, Keynote Speaker

Providing 25+ breakout sessions for state and regional counseling conferences on a very wide range of topics from Tech Tools in Counseling to the HRC’s Welcoming Schools programming for inclusivity in schools, Jason Marotzke has given two keynotes and a 1/2 day workshop for state counseling conferences including his popular presentation on “The Use of Improv” in counseling, which is very fun and interactive. For corporate and counseling audiences, he’s provided extensive training on intersectionality, LGBTQIA+ awareness, and how to talk about race and culture in counseling and in the workplace. 

Jason’s been trained by the Human Rights Campaign and has been an educator all his career, a school counselor for 15 years and an adjunct professor for 15 years as well. 

Jason’s presentation strengths are that he is engaging, humorous, and highly skilled at facilitating discussion and interaction. He’s really great at promoting psychological safety for important discussions and learning to take place, especially around topics that are often sensitive or charged. 

Jason Marotzke and Joyce Marter at NSA
Jason Marotzke and Joyce Marter at the National Speakers Association’s Annual Conference.
Jason Marotzke and Joyce Marter

Trusted Mental Health and Workplace Presenter

Notable Achievements and Public Speaking Talents

As a skilled educator and trainer, Jason’s presentation style is highly interactive and discussional in nature, with engaging activities and exercises that facilitate team interaction and powerful learning experiences.

He has many awards and recognitions to his credit, most notably the Glen Dolan Award For Counseling Leadership and the Expansion of Counseling Throughout the State of North Dakota; and the Fulbright Memorial Fund Program where he was an esteemed guest of the Japanese government spending three weeks learning about the educational system and culture there.

Licenses and certifications include ASCA Legal and Ethical Specialist for the American School Counseling Association and Certified Facilitator for HRC Welcoming School.

Engaging Speakers and a Dynamic Duo for Your Next Event

As an experienced national speaker, educator, and leader in the counseling profession, Jason believes people should not just be heard and understood but provided an environment where they feel safe to express themselves and to work on their inner selves. He brings that focus to every consulting and speaking engagement he takes on, backed by more than 20 years of experience in counseling, education, and public speaking and training. Some presentation examples include:

  • Cultivating LGBTQIA+ lnclusivity in the Workplace
  • The Use of lmprov in Counseling – Credible Behavioral Health
  • Creating School-Wide Change Through Data-Driven Challenges
  • Engaging Your Audience by Speaking Their Language
  • Promoting Bias-Free and Inclusive Schools
  • Changing the World with Your Actions – 5 Challenges
  • Human Rights Campaign Welcoming Schools Program Overview
  • Keynote: Cutting our Counseling Facets to be a Brilliant Counselor
  • Collaboration for Client/Student Success
  • HRC Welcoming Schools: Creating Gender-Expansive Schools & Embracing Family Diversity
  • HRC Welcoming School Preventing Bias-Based Bullying
  • Leadership in the Counseling Profession-How the Puzzle Fits Together
  • Tech Tools
  • Association Involvement and You
  • The Role of a President
Jason Marotzke and Joyce Marter
Jason Marotzke and Joyce Marter attend cocktail receptions, dinners, and parties to elevate the experience for your attendees. 

Jason’s professional board leadership service includes:

  • American Counseling Association Midwest Region Governing Council Representative
  • National Certified HRC Welcoming School Facilitator
  • Past ACA Midwest Region Chair
  • Past Midwest Summit Coordinator for School Counselor Leadership
  • Past President of North Dakota Counseling Association
  • Past President North Dakota School Counselor Association

Organizations Inspired By Jason

Forming the Foundation: Education

Jason earned his Master of Education from North Dakota State University, his Doctor of Philosophy at Capella University, and his Bachelor of Science at Minnesota State University at Moorhead. His professional memberships include the American Counseling Association and the Illinois Counselor Association.

Sample presentations to his credit include cultivating LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in the workplace, the use of improv in counseling, creating school-wide change through data-driven challenges, providing bias-free and inclusive schools, collaboration for client/student success, leadership in the counseling profession, and creating gender-expansive schools and embracing family diversity.

Jason’s strengths lie in forming bonds with his audiences regardless of age or location. He has counseled and mentored anyone from kids to teens to adults, bolstered by his 12 years as a school counselor, HRC training, and leadership in counseling at the local, state, and national level. Connect with Jason and learn more about his business background on LinkedIn:

Jason Marotzke and Joyce Marter

Jason Marotzke Testimonials

Jason is an outstanding advocate for clinicians. I attended his breakout sessions at counseling conferences. I’ve experienced how engaging, passionate and poignant he can be on mental health issues. However, he brings humor and honesty to his presentation style. Jason’s expertise spans many different topics. His Improv training really aids his interaction with his attendees, as well. The 15 years spent as a school counselor and adjunct professor also helps Jason drive home any difficult topic in a straightforward manner. Strongly recommend!

Jennifer Froemel, LCPC

CEO/Founder Innovative Counseling Partners, LLC

Jason is an outstanding educator and presenter. Having attended his breakout sessions and keynotes at counseling conferences, I’ve witnessed his engaging and humorous style. From Tech Tools to HRC’s Welcoming Schools, Jason’s expertise spans diverse topics. His unique approach, like the interactive “The Use of Improv in Counseling,” makes learning enjoyable. Trained by the Human Rights Campaign, Jason excels in corporate and counseling trainings on intersectionality, LGBTQIA+ awareness, and discussions on race and culture. With 15 years as a school counselor and adjunct professor, he brings invaluable experience to education. Highly recommend!

Amy Mooney PhD

Ames & Des Moines Therapy & Consulting CEO | Chair Midwest Region American Counseling Association | Iowa Commissioner Counseling Compact | Speaker | Professor

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