International Speaker

International Speaker Making an Impact in Today's World of Mental Health

Mental health knows no bounds. As such, Joyce Marter’s scope of work, likewise, knows no borders. In fact, her work has reached an international audience of over 1 billion people across the globe.

According to the World Health Organization, only 1 percent of the global health workforce works in mental health and 45 percent of the world’s population live in a country that has less than one psychiatrist per 100,000 people. These are startling numbers as, in the U.S. alone, one in five people has a mental illness.

Joyce’s mission is to create awareness around and assistance with anxiety, depression and addiction. As an internationally renowned mental health and behavior healthcare speaker, thought leader, Clinical Case Consultant at Northwestern University, award-winning therapist, acclaimed business professional and leader, Joyce works with people to help them lead happier and more fulfilled lives free from the chains of depression and anxiety.

An International Speaker Specializing in Mental Health

Her expertise is focused on:

  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Dual Diagnosis: Mental Illness and Addiction Assessment and Treatment
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Entrepreneurism in Behavioral Healthcare
  • Private Practice Growth & Development

Whether as a keynote speaker, writer or practitioner, Joyce travels internationally to share resources and information around mental health.

Joyce Marter speaking on stage to an audience.

Joyce Marter, LCPC and International Speaker

Joyce Marter has been Featured in International Publications and Media Outlets

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AUSTRALIA “Psychotherapist Joyce Marter Reveals Her Top Ten Tips for a Better Sex Life”• Feb. 12, 2014

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HuffPost Canada 8 Life Lessons from My 8-Year-Old”• May 6, 2014

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CHINA “The Sex Life of Hong Kongers”• Dec. 7, 2018 “If You Want to Change Your Life There are Nine Things You Must Do”• June 28, 2018 Ten Tips to Mend a Broken Heart after a Terrible Breakup” • Nov. 21, 2016

World Journal “Living with a Partner: How to Be Safe”• Jan. 4, 2019

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International Speaker of Mental Health, Joyce Marter

Joyce Marter has been a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor since 1998 and is the Founder of Urban Balance, one of the largest counseling practices in the U.S. and an insurance-friendly counseling practice she started and grew to over 100 therapists working from nine locations during her tenure as CEO. She is the Chair of the Midwest Region of the American Counseling Association, a Past-President of the Illinois Counseling Association, and a two-term Past-President of the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association. With a background in Employee Assistance Program and addictions treatment, Joyce Marter is passionate about providing corporate training seminars and keynote addresses to promote mental health and mindfulness in the workplace. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been a mental health public speaker for over twenty years. Joyce Marter is a blogger for PsychCentral and The Huffington Post, is routinely consulted as an expert by the media, and has been featured in such outlets as The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, CNN, Real Simple Magazine and MTV. Her work is widely recognized, and awards include Distinguished Alumni of the Year, The Family Institute at Northwestern University; Crain’s Chicago Business “40 Under 40” and President’s Award for Excellence in Leadership from the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association.

Joyce has been a speaker for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) as well as the American Counseling Association and many of its state branches

National Speakers Association
American Counseling Association

Book Joyce as Your Mental Health Speaker or Keynote

Behavioral healthcare signature talks include:

  • The Keys to Success in The Counseling Profession
  • Mental Wealth: How to Prosper Both Personally & Professionally
  • The Psychology of Success: How to Achieve Work/Life Balance & True Prosperity
  • Private Practice: Growth & Development from Start to Sale
  • Dual Diagnosis: The Chicken & Egg Phenomena of Mental Health & Addiction
  • The Transformative Power of Mindfulness, Meditation and Flow
  • Pre-Baby Couples Counseling: How to Address Early Parenthood Challenges
  • Innovative Tools for Developing Self-Love and Support Practices
  • Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution: How to Deal with Difficult People
  • Promoting Happiness & Mental Health
  • Mental Health & School Counselor Collaboration
  • How to Prevent Professional Burnout

Joyce's 2018 media appearances reached an audience of one billion people in 11 countries.

The Reviews Are In

Joyce’s discussions are inclusive, attentive, and genuine. By educating her audience while sharing her own stories and personality, she works to normalize the mental health issues we all face, one way or another, each and every day.

Joyce’s presentations have been hailed as:

  • Skillful, artful, and humorous
  • A perfect balance between motivational guidance and stories from her personal and professional life
  • Heartfelt, welcoming
  • Courageous and engaging

International Speaker