Feeling Financially Stressed? You’re Not Alone


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Feeling Financially Stressed? You’re Not Alone

If money woes have you worried, you’re not alone. The pandemic has created very real, persistent financial challenges for many of us. In the U.S., research shows that 77 percent…

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Yes, All this COVID-Related News Is Incredibly Exhausting—25 Therapists Explain How They’re Coping

Joyce was recently quoted in an article on Parade, on how to cope with the endless COVID-19 news cycle. One suggestion from Joyce: cultivate presence. As she shares, “Anxiety happens…

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Around the Bar – What is Wealth? The Best on the Meaning of Wealth

This special episode of Bulls, Bears, and Bourbon focuses on one question: WHAT IS WEALTH? Wealth is subjective. Wealth is personal. And wealth is much more than money! As one…

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Beware of the “Buy Now, Pay Later” Psychological Pitfall

Finding ourselves tempted by flexible repayment options is understandable because we receive constant messages from advertisers that we need the latest clothing, makeup, or possessions to make ourselves worthy and…

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How to Stop Impulse Buying

Do you often feel regretful or guilty after an impulse buy? Here are some tips to help you build healthier money habits so you can stop wreaking havoc on your…

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