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A Guide to Coping With Debt and Financial Stress

You can feel hopeless about improving your situation if you keep telling yourself that your problems are too big or that you can’t handle them on your own. “Our ego is our mind’s understanding of ourselves, and debt can cause us to feel unworthy,” explains Joyce Marter, a licensed psychotherapist and author of The Financial … Read more


5 Ways to Tell If a Deal is Saving You Money

A good sale can be hard to resist. Don’t you love it when one of your friends compliments your outfit and you get to say, “Thanks, it was on sale”? But before you go crazy at the next BOGO sale at Bath & Body Works (been there), you might want to make sure you’re actually … Read more


Firstly: Can Money Buy You Happiness? (Science Says Yes)

We have so much practice making decisions about what we want, you’d think we’d know exactly how to optimize our joy when it comes to spending (and saving) our money. Truth is, we don’t. Psychotherapist Joyce Marter, author of “The Financial Mindset Fix,” says our belief systems about money — Is money good or bad? … Read more

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