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Marter is a nationally quoted blogger for The Huffington Post and PsychCentral. She currently has two books in development:

The Psychology of Success: Wellness Principles for a Greater Life  is based on a motivational keynote Marter developed in 2013 and has given for Fortune 500 companies including Oracle and Siemens corporations, professional and counseling associations, business schools and women's groups. 

The book provides an innovative overview of psychological and wellness principles to live your best life, both personally and professionally.  Drawing upon examples from her own journey and wisdom reaped from over 20 years of counseling professionals, she guides readers in becoming more conscious and present, and applying the powers of positive self-talk, intention, visioning, empathy, compassion and gratitude to create work/life balance, wellness and success, at home and at work. 

First Comes Love  includes practical solutions for strengthening the partnership that is the foundation of the family. Case examples are drawn from years of Marter conducting Pre & Post Baby Couples Counseling, and also includes her own personal experiences as a mom of 2 daughters.

Joyce has been interviewed on the topic of transition to parenthood by The Wall Street Journal, American Baby Magazine,, PsychCentral, New Zealand's Sunday Magazine and a nationally syndicated news segment that hasplayed all across the US.


On Baby and Relationships:


    "People spend more time decorating the nursery than preparing the relationship for the arrival of a baby."


    “We prepare them for how it’s going to impact their life or their lifestyle. What it’s going to look like – less leisure, lack of sleep,” says Urban Balance therapist Joyce Marter. “It’s about reducing the negative impact. We’re not going to get rid of stress, but we help make it as positive as possible.”


    "Parents commonly argue over whose way is right, because both partners are adjusting to their new roles and responsibilities," says Joyce Marter, owner of Urban Balance LLC, a multi-site psychotherapy practice in Chicago. "Many men feel left out, especially if the mother acts as the baby's primary caregiver. New moms often feel as if their husbands are ill-informed or less experienced, and so they become critical to maintain the routine that they believe works."

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