Joyce has been interviewed on the topic of transition to parenthood by The Wall Street Journal, American Baby Magazine,, PsychCentral, New Zealand's Sunday Magazine and a nationally syndicated news segment that played all across the US.

Joyce currently has a book in development, "First Comes Love, Then Comes Carriage: Solutions for Creating and Maintaining a Loving Relationship During Parenthood" which aims to help couples successfully navigate the common relationship pitfalls that accompany early parenthood.

"First Comes Love, Then Comes Carriage" addresses the ten most common relationship pitfalls that Marter has identified as challenges that couples experience after having a baby.  The book includes practical solutions for strengthening the partnership that is the foundation of the family. Case examples are drawn from years of Marter conducting Pre & Post Baby Couples Counseling at her multisite counseling practice, Urban Balance.

Joyce Quoted in The Wall Street Journal Article:

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The book proposal is currently being considered by several publishing houses.

Literary Agent:

Joy Tutela

The David Black Agency


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