“In the age of the Selfie, how do we continue to navigate the world with more compassion, less selfishness and greater understanding? Author and TED Prize winner Karen Armstrong spoke with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday recently regarding compassion. She says, ‘The pain that lies behind a lot of anger is hardened into rage.’ In response Winfrey says, ‘Not understanding another person’s pain…that pain turns into rage.’ We think that the road to happiness and fulfillment is to fill our own cups. But the more we isolate and separate ourselves from others through unkindness, judgment and the inability to forgive, the greater our unhappiness, the deeper our pain. And as they said, that anger from feeling misunderstood and not understanding others often festers into rage. The answer lies in realizing that his/her/their pain is our pain. We’re more alike than we’re different. And we have more to gain in realizing that. In our self-obsessed society, it’s never been more important to listen to the wise words of heroes like Nelson Mandela. This week our bloggers share his profound insights to honor his legacy, promote peace, love and compassion and remind us that our capacity to heal, be happy and bounce back from difficulty is far greater than we imagine. His words remind us that no matter the obstacle, we can transform the impossible into possibility through something much more powerful than fear-love.”